Sunday, 24 June 2012

Beat The Texan's improved UI

The user interface for Beat The Texan has been improved so that everything is now driven by button clicks rather than a combination of button clicks and text boxes.  I feel it is more slick now and it "feels" nicer to play.

I have also made some improvements to the interface so it is now clearer how much money has been bet.

That link again is:

New screenshot:
So far The Texan has won half of the games he has played.  So that AI seems to be developing nicely.

Tests are being carried out all the time to generate better poker AI for The Texan.  As soon as the improvements are available, I will post here to let you know about it.

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Beat The Texan - Beta 1 version available

I am pleased to announce that the first beta version of Beat The Texan is finally available.

It can be found at:  In this beta version The Texan plays one of two evolved poker strategies.  In subsequent versions I hope to add even more different evolved strategies.

If you have any questions about this version, please contact me at:

In the next month or so I plan to develop the Beat The Texan official site which should be available prior to Beat The Texan's Facebook release.