Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Hello and Welcome to PM Gaming


This is my first dive into computer game development and this blog is going to be about the games being developed and how they grow over time.  I'd love to hear any comments on what you think of them.

The two games being worked on at the moment are going to be on Android.  They are: Beat The Texan and Desert Rat.

Beat The Texan
Beat The Texan is a single player heads up texas hold'em poker game. What makes this different to other poker games out there is that The Texan is a naturally evolved poker player. He doesn't know what your cards are or what they are going to be, he knows exactly what a normal human player knows and plays (or will do) in the same way as a human player.

The geeky-bit :-) : The Texan is a neural network based poker player.  I have evolved a series of players using genetic algorithms and The Texan is the best one I have found so far.  I will admit, he is not great at the moment, but evolution is happening all the time so when better players become available, they will be integrated into the game.

I would like to introduce... The Texan:
This is a screen shot from the dev version on my PC, I will be adding screen shots for the Android version when they are available.

Desert Rat
Desert Rat is a platform shooter inspired by games like the Metal Slug series, Commander Keen and a few others.  You are the Desert Rat, thrown in behind enemy lines tasked with killing the psychotic Terrorist Cats and getting out alive.

Below is a really early screen shot of one of my development version:

I aim to also do a version of Desert Rat optimised for the Sony Xperia Play.

That's all for now, I'll be back with more posts giving more info on:
  • the back stories of The Texan and The Desert Rat (who they really are)
  • how development is going
  • more general game info
and potentially putting up links for applet based demo versions.

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