Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Space - Tower defence game

I am starting on a game in Javascript that I am calling Space.

It is a tower defence game set on a space station. Aliens will get dropped onto the map at various positions and try to run into the space station's power source to destroy it.

The interesting twist that I am trying to put on this is that all actions will be controlled by the press of a single button (which will eventually be the Space bar). There is a scrolling set of buttons along the top and when you click on the action button the selected action is applied. I am still working on timing and speed of the game to make it playable. I want to make a game that is easy to play for anyone without having to do a series of complicated button presses and needing to know a series of hotkeys to become any good at it. All you need is to put the mouse in one place and keep clicking the button, later only the Space bar will be needed, but I am not there yet.

Here's an image of what I have so far:

At the moment it is not much of a game, there is a map with some red dots on representing aliens that charge to the light green area, which is the base. You are the blue thing. You can put down towers (dark green) that block the path of the aliens but don't fire yet. I am very much in the concept stage trying to get down my ideas and then polish it off.

I plan to do this in 3d where the characters are like tokens on a board game that slide across the board and are animated as they move. This is quite a way away yet while I am just trying to get the basics of the game done.

I hope you like the idea. More updates to follow.

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